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The Prestige Commercial™ vehicles are built on several different chassis depending on your needs and specifications. They include:

"If you build it better behind the walls it's going to be better outside the walls", says Terry Minix, president of American Custom Vehicles. The attitude at American Custom Vehicles is that "everything matters". You will see this attention to detail in everything we do.

We've designed our main frame to be much stronger than anything else available on the market. Years ago we stopped using tubing for our frames for several reasons.

We use galvanized C-Channel for the main support of our floors and wall systems. The flat surfaces provide much better adhesion for our Ecoflex urethane adhesives. The sub frame is rubber coated to protect against rust and insulate against noise. The frame sits on rubber pucks to provide a more stable and comfortable ride. Also, reducing vibrations helps protect sensitive equipment inside the vehicle.

One of the first things you'll notice about our commercial vehicles is that the sidewalls have a 3" radius where most, if not all, of our competitors vehicles are square. This radius makes a big difference when you are traveling down the road and pass a semi or encounter a strong gust of wind. You will find that our vehicle is more stable making the ride more comfortable and making it easier to work inside. We also believe that it looks much better as well.

Our patented wall system makes all the difference. We use interlocking layers of 1/4" thick high density Styrofoam and then another layer of fiberglass. Inside that there are three layers of aircraft bubble foil insulation and then an air pocket. The overall wall is just less than 2" thick.

An added benefit of our walls is that they will not absorb moisture eliminating the odor problems caused by mold and mildew in the walls that are common in competitor's products. "When you design a vehicle that doesn't absorb moisture you eliminate many problems before they have a chance to start", states Terry Minix.

The air conditioning system is totally new and different. There are no holes in the roof of our commercial vehicles so they work year round regardless of the weather. Plus, the design of our AC and heating systems provides superior performance. Set the thermostat to the desired temperature and that is what you get, regardless of what the temperature is outside. This is in stark contrast to competitor's vehicles that have a limited range of climate control because they use less efficient systems.

Our customers tell us our pull-out-stair system is awesome. We are the only company in the country building stairs like these to make it easy to get in and out of the vehicle when you are carrying loads in and out of the vehicle. This saves workers from stumbling on an awkward step bumper, especially in snow and rain. You can walk into our vehicle just like you walk into your home or office.

One of the biggest warranty issues with competitor's commercial vehicles is electrical systems. In our vehicles there are no wires in the walls. All wiring is easily accessible in attractive corner plates allowing simple adjustments to the vehicle even after it's completed. Plus, you never have to worry about hitting a wire by screwing something into the wall of an American Custom Vehicle.

We've also done away with the 4' fluorescent lights found in most other commercial vehicles. We designed a light bar that is part of the cabinet system that uses screw-in type compact fluorescent bulbs. This way, you avoid the inconvenience of replacing a ballast when it goes bad. When a bulb goes out you just screw in a new one. Entire sections of workspace will not be dark should one bulb go out like you would have with fluorescents.

Plumbing is also a common issue that causes problems for our competitors. We've resolved the issue of broken or leaky pipes by using only Flair-it flexible plastic tubing and fittings. These components are virtually leak proof and will not burst from freezing-even at extreme temperatures as low as 65 degrees negative.

To sum it up, a great deal of thought and innovation goes into every commercial vehicle we build. We are constantly learning and improving what is already the best product on the market. This keeps us ahead of the competition and provides you with the best vehicles available. Call today to find out how we can design the perfect vehicle for your specific needs.