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The Prestige Office™ by American Custom Vehicles LLC is the perfect fit for the executive who wants an office but wants to work with his or her clients more effectively. The Prestige Office is approved and built with the same ISO quality expected by Mercedes-Benz. Comfort and style are part of the office concept. Comfortable seating and privacy is a must and you have it your office.

Electronics play a growing part in today's executive's success and you will find them at your fingertips. You can meet your clients along with their team at jobsites for a presentation in the comfort of your office. You can update building progress to your client via conference call or video conference calling. All are able to watch market updates or your presentation on HD flat screen TV. Storage for computer printer and paper are worked into the desk for convenience. Storage in the rear for bulky items works great for construction company executives or to take products to show your customer. Company or Custom Graphics can be applied. From Tactical to Practical to Luxury, American Custom Vehicles LLC can fulfill your needs at a price that works for you and your company.